Mini Melon Mix Ups: Rob Lea, Mark Wilkinson, Circle, Luman Child, Eric Bolton, Zoe Xandra, George Gretton ft Luna Pines and Codeko ft Casey Cook

It’a that time again when we do our biggest new music round-up of the past fortnight, here’s everything that’s popped up onto our radar that we think will get you through the next two weeks! As ever, it’s a smorgasbord of genres, styles, artists and bands – something to suit every palette!

Rob Lea’s new single ‘Summer in the Morning’ is the the seasonal slice of good vibes that we need right now. Set over a simple acoustic guitar and dreamy production, Lea’s soulful pop vocal hit all those sweet spots with emphatic verses and loved-up choruses that’ll have you singing along in no time. Consider your heat wave soundtracked!

“This song is about fun, sun, love and freedom. I wanted to create a song you can let go, sing at the top of your voice, dance on the table and have a great time.”

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For fans of Passenger and Benjamin Francis Leftwich, let us introduce you to the Australian troubadour Mark Wilkinson, whose recent single ‘Belong’ is an absolute tear-jerker. It’s a piano ballad in the truest sense, with Wilkinson’s textured and sensitive pop vocal completing the heartbroken atmosphere. The orchestral violins add a nice sense of the cinematic to the already melancholic moment of beauty.

“I’m just a normal guy who has a passion for songwriting. I love the way it brings out a huge amount of emotion and can unite people. It taps into something that’s normally hard to reach. Like everybody else, I’m simply a regular person who connects through music.”

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Our second Australian entry into the round-up is Circle’s single ‘Sid’, which brings us back around to that summertime tranquility. It’s such a delightful track that skips and jumps along with the tambourine taps, bouncing guitar strums and gentle percussion, which is set off by a field recording of ice cubes stirred in a glass. At the top of it all is the Enmore artist’s gentle, lulling voice.

“A simple and honest homage to the love between a grandson and his grandfather.”

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Now it’s time to boogie on down and share some gratitude while listening to Luman Child’s new single ‘Grateful’, a grooving track that’s inspired by 70s jazz and funk. The Swiss musician Pascal Strauss adds to the rich sonic landscape by recruiting the gospel voice of Robert Gee, who keeps those good feels going all the way on through the disco-worthy outro.

“It’s for my family, as well as the period of life humanity is living through. The project was built around gratitude, love and stepping back from our world. The title ‘Love Is The Message’ symbolises a message of hope. Simply because our world needs it and anyone at any level can share love in so many different ways.” 

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Canadian singer, songwriter and musician Eric Bolton is in a new phase of his life and music career, which was sparked by his debut back in 2020. Since then, he’s gone from strength to strength as you’ll hear from the vibrant passion of his newest track ‘Neon Soul’, which is all about the brilliant determination of this indie-rocker. It’s a proper motivational rock anthem.

“It’s exciting to be in this time of showing another side of my identity, especially as the majority of my performing career has been as a solo artist. There has been so much change in my personal life as of late, as there has been globally throughout this worldwide pandemic era, and also in the much needed time for raising awareness and education on racial disparities and discrimination, so for […] a new beginning and moving forward in love and fresh breath.”

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Next up we have Zoe Xandra, a classical pianist turned pop musician from Toronto, Canada. She creates beautifully crafted pop tunes with gorgeous melodies which has become somewhat of a recognisable trait for the accomplished singer-songwriter. Now she reveals new single ‘Land of Dreams’ co-written with her in-laws and produced by her brother Everett James this offering is the definition of keeping it in the family! With all her songs having been co-written with a fellow female, ‘Land of Dreams’ is no different, this time exploring the what it means to feel both happy and sad at the same time.

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We have a beaut of new track next up from George Gretton ft Luna Pines with ‘Down to Earth’. Layered in Luna’s lush vocal’s, she provides the perfect backdrop to George’s equally outstanding melodies creating a track that is nothing short of heavenly.

“Down To Earth’ is about feeling distanced from the world. I wrote it during the second UK lockdown, after it had lost its novelty, and everyone was feeling a little stuck and helpless. I remember spending a lot of time hoping that ordinary life would return but worrying about my place in it after everything had frozen.” – George Gretton

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Last but by no means least, Codeko is here to close of this edition of MMM with his new single ‘Sad Reality’ ft Casey Cook. Solidifying his reign and status in the world of dance music, this newest offering features the capable vocals of LA- based songstress Casey Cook. ‘Sad Reality’ is inspired by Codeko’s own personal trials and tribulations which is delivered via Cook’s emotive performance. Don’t sleep on this epic return from the one and only Codeko.

“‘Sad reality’ is one of those songs that came together incredibly quickly – once I heard Casey’s vocals I sat down with a guitar it just clicked, and a few hours later I recorded the basis for the entire song. The verse guitar harmonies create the ‘bittersweet’ I wanted, and the synth-heavy drop provides the energy. It took a bit more work to get the two elements to blend together cohesively, but the end result is a track I’m very fond of,” – Codeko.

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