Indie Kids: Golden Vessel feat. FELIVAND, Raindear, Thyra Hilden, Girl Time, The Beckleys, Goldmyth

You might have noticed our recent spate of blog playlists here at Purple Melon, from Five In Five to Dance Collective to Purple Pop. We’re trying our best to be as genre inclusive as possible as so for all your Indie Kids out there, this one gathers together rock, alternative, bedroom-pop, lofi and more!

Golden Vessel is easily one of our all-time favourite artists, you only need put his name into our search bar to find that out. So it’s easy to kick off this latest installment of Indie Kids with this Australian talent. From his new everythingeverydayeverything LP, ‘so far’ is a collaboration with fellow Brisbane artist FELIVAND and the result is this beat-driven lofi escape into the duo’s precious inner world.

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Next we have another returning artist (we do listen to other people, we promise!), which is of course the powerful Raindear whose single ‘Howl’ was feature here before but we thought this live performance video was too good to miss out on. All of those bassy synths and striking percussion comes to life alongside the artist’s fiery soul-and-pop-flexing vocal.

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Here’s a new one for us all! ‘All Shadows Are One’ from Thyra Hilden, the Nordic purveyor of the dreamiest sounds. This floating, airy lofi track is anchored by a grooving bass line, while the extra reverberated guitar chords swim alongside the artist’s breathy vocalisms. It’s the soft and seductive sophistication that’s won us over here.

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Girl Time is a sibling duo writing sincere songs with a lofi 90s flare, which adds further to the authenticity of their emotional expressions, as you’ll hear in new single ‘Girls’. It was originally written on an acoustic guitar, which you can still hear mixed in with the scaling electric guitar, brushed beats and winding synth notes. It’s one of those songs where all the barriers are dropped and you finally admit the truth – “I wanna be yours”.

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‘Amethyst’ from the Texan indie outfit, The Beckleys (aka Los Beckleys), is a triumphant burst of vitality that’ll uplift even the dreariest of days. Throughout this bouncing track you’ll discover elements of indie-rock, surf-rock and dream-pop, which reflects the band’s broad influence, but without sounding too chaotic. Yes, it’s a song for thrashing your limbs around and shouting “hey, hey”, but it’s also a tightly-knit performance.

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Let’s close up our latest Indie Kids round-up with a true indie gem from the singer, harpist and producer (talk about triple-threat!) Goldmyth who mixes her dream-pop sensibility with cinematic synth music in her simmering single ‘Triptych’. Written about the three great loves of her live, this track stirs up all kinds of nostalgic emotion while maintaining a tranquil cool.

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