MOLTENO’s ‘Moonlight’ is an ethereal synth-pop dream

Our accidental space theme continues this week with ‘Moonlight’, the starry-eyed single from British alt-pop artist MOLTENO, who has been building up her cohesive artistic vision over the past four years. She’s put out many ethereal and introspective songs over the years, while also performing at Camp Bestival, Fractalight Festival Of Light and Camden Assembly and collaborating with fashion brands Longshaw Ward and Eirinn Hayhow for photoshoots and stage outfits. Evidently, MOLTENO is a seasoned artist even at her young age and it’s in tracks like ‘Moonlight’ that we hear her sophisticated innovation come to the fore.

When you click play on the track below, you’ll be instantly launched into a thumping beat which leads the listener into this otherworldly auditory experience. This structured percussion is soon joined by 80’s inspired synth keys and MOLTENO’s saccharine voice, both of which emphasise the airy quality of this alternative synth-pop track. We especially love the moments of layered vocals that adds a real sense of the dream-like space which the artist herself experience during a dalliance with lucid dreaming.

Keep your eyes peeled for the ‘Moonlight’ music video, directed by Daisy Moseley and featuring notable actor William Moseley, which is due to make an appearance soon!

“After experiencing lucid dreaming, with ‘Moonlight’ I wanted to explore the idea of travelling and connecting through dreams. What if we truly wake up in our dreams and travel by moonlight? It’s the first single from ‘Element 2’ – the second of four EPs that aim to celebrate the elements and the way nature connects us.”

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