Dance Collective: GoGo Penguin, Joe Hertz feat. Livigesh, informal., Hannyta, Highbreeze, Needs No Sleep feat. Ali Kerr, Banyan

Here at Purple Melon, we love dance and electronic music in all its form and this blog playlist honors all the new tracks that got our bodies moving as of late.

Making their second appearance on PM is GoGo Penguin with new experimental electronic single ‘Wave Decay’. As with preceding track ‘Badeep’, the production trio creates an expansive soundscape that transports the listener to blue-hued images of the ocean deep, inspired by the outfit’s recent fascination with free diving. It’s a blissful track that’ll put the listener in a meditative mood.

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Keeping into the ephemeral realm, let’s switch on over to the pulsating splendour of Londond producer Jo Hertz’s latest output ‘Black Oak’ featuring the breathy vocals of South Korean singer Livigesh. While undeniably dance-worthy thanks to the relentless rhythm, this track is chilled-out and pensive; this is electronic music elevated.

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Next up in this electronic music category is something from emerging name informal. whose style merged indie songwriting with bombastic EDM production. This feel-good number is a great one for running, driving or just getting yourself out of a funk thanks to the vibrant style.

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Standing on the precipice of pop and dance music is ‘Fluctuating’, the chart-ready track from young UK artist Hannyta. Since this one could easily be a club banger, it made the line into our Dance Collective playlist. The tracks ebbs and flows with a positive energy, going from reserved but melodious verses on through to a bold’n’bright chorus.

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Like fans of Robin Schulz and Lost Frequencies, this one from Highbreeze is for hedonistic dance music lovers and just in time for the summer festival season. The producer works through the confusion of the heart in ‘Placebos’, a pulsating pop-EDM banger that continually rises in energy and brings the listeners spirit up with it.

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Keeping up the vacation party vibe is lauded Australian club name Need No Sleep who marks his return to independent New York label Uprise Music with surefire winner ‘Nectar’. It features the decadent vocals of Ali Kerr and the cerebral tech house soundscape, which is elevated with a moody bass line and fiery guitar riffs.

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We’ve got something really serene and sophisticated to wrap everything up this week and that’s ‘Drift’ from producer Banyan, which is also his first release with respected tastemakers Lilly Era. This chill-house track uses bubbling textures and melodic constructions conveys that profound sense of nostalgia when you think back to simpler days of the past.

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