Indie Kids: FLØRE, Apathy Avenue, FNTN, Meltt, Jacket Weather, ASJ 3 feat. Iverson Lewis, Natalie Fielder, Yoshi Flower

You might have noticed our recent spate of blog playlists here at Purple Melon, from Five In Five to Dance Collective to Purple Pop. We’re trying our best to be as genre inclusive as possible as so for all your Indie Kids out there, our new one gathers together rock, alternative, bedroom-pop, lofi and more!

First thing’s first, it’s time to head down the rabbit hole for a nostalgia trip into mid-00s pop-punk that’s been flawlessly executed by FLØRE in her new single ‘Backyard Body’. The intensity of this track takes the patriarchal stereotype of an “obsessed girl” to the extreme in a way that sticks two fingers up to society and anyone who has ever gaslighted their partner.

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‘Something Greater’, the new single from Welsh rockers Apathy Avenue, who incorporate their love for metal and hip-hop into their intelligently constructed songs. This one is full of longing and a search for answers, all of which culminates in the cathartic instrumental crescendo.

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What instantly connects about FNTN’s ‘Crypto Vegan’ is the upbeat surf-rock style, perfectly chosen for the hopeful tone of someone hanging on for their former love connection who has left for California. It’s optimistic and perhaps a little naive, but happily we’ll swim in the ignorant bliss of this 90s inspired gem.

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Get ready to fall in love with this dreamy listen that is ‘Within You, Within Me’ from Canadian outfit Meltt. The group of multi-instrumentalists create a marching rhythm underpinned by grooving bass and luxuriously spacious synths that echo out across this sublime soundscape. It’s a touching salute to the soul mates.

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Get those limbs ready for some serious movement which will inevitably induced by the high-fidelity funk, slapped bass, elastic guitars and two-stepping drums in Jacket Weather’s new track ‘Memories’. It’s a really dynamic track that’ll stay with you for a while.

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We all use music to escape, to console, or to heal and songwriters are no exception to that rule. For Ohio-based artist ASJ 3, it was the pessimistic headspace in the wake of his cousin’s death that led him to write ‘Sunken Place. While expressive lyrics sung by Iverson Lewis, like “Because you take me to a place where you know I don’t wanna go”, are central to the track, the bouncing guitar rhythm also lifts the listener up.

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Next up is ‘Three Man Army’ a bluesy and jazz number from alt-rock musician Natalie Fielder. Originally penned when she was 14-years-old after a falling out with a friend, the artist has resurrected this track for a funky live-style rendition that shows off her voice and personality.

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Let’s wrap up our inaugural Indie Kids blog playlist with a sombre closer in ‘Wishing Well’ from Yoshi Flower. This honest and gripping confessional was written shortly after the passing of Juice WRLD, a event which led this musician to confront his struggles with drug addiction and a renewed ambition to live.

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