Mini Melon Mix Ups: House of Miagi, Paloma O’Leary, Midnight Pool Party, Lemonade Baby, Bollo Bollo, Jake Daniels and Diana Goldberg

Hello friends! We hope you’ve had a fantastic week and are looking forward to a lovely weekend ahead. It’s been a great week for music and here are a few of our fave picks, specially selected for your listening pleasure. So sit back, relax and let’s dive right in to todays edition of the MMM.

We’re kicking things off with new dancehall infused, R&B single ‘Too Late’ from House of Miagi aka (HXM). Filled to the brim with infectious melodies and popping production, the beat takes you away instantly as you feel the groove travel from your feet to your hips, this is the perfect tune to get your Bank Holiday Weekend started!

This record has probably been one of the easiest to write as it all just clicked and sounded complete before I wrote any words on the page.  My process when songwriting is never the same, but with this particular song I felt like the melodies and chords were composing themselves. The hardest part was trying to write the most gripping first line and when I felt I had it, I knew this was how I wanted to tell this story. The inspiration behind this song is one I am sure most people have experienced, it’s a story about love, patience and the expectation that your words are enough without actions. When I finished this song I sent it to my producer ‘Oscar Moos’ (who is an absolute genie of an engineer), we worked on it and brought in the live track of everyone to really bring the song to life in ways I couldn’t alone.” – House of Miagi

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Next up is an enchanting listen in the form of debut EP ‘Siren Song’ by the saccharine songstress Paloma O’Leary. Sweet, easy to digest melodies coat each track and Paloma’s vocal shines clearly through. Soaring, youthful and emotive ballad-esque pop at it’s finest, Paloma fuses her love for music with her passion for the sea. With this debut documenting loss, empowerment and self-love whilst also paying tribute to her Latina roots by drawing inspiration from legendary artists such as Alejandro Sanz and Shakira. An advocate for ocean conservation, climate change and education, Paloma also pairs her devotion to environmental awareness with an emotional journey of love and loss that can only be told through song.

“I wanted to create this EP to combine two loves—music and water. Water is such a powerful force and like love, it can completely overwhelm you. We have to take care of it, whether that’s someone you love or a close friendship. When we abuse the ocean it suffers and when we are mistreated we have to learn to take our power back.” Paloma O’Leary

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Australian duo Midnight Pool Party are back in the Mix today with brand new, groove infused tune ‘DON’T KILL MY VIBE’ . Infectious, dance inducing and perfectly produced, this new offering is light, airy and oozing with vibes. Perfect for summery days in the city, leading to sunset drinks on the rooftop, this tune takes you from day to night seamlessly.

“We wanted to go back to a kinda more disco chill vibe for the next single. Instrumentally we were inspired by the Remix PNAU did for Elton John and Dua Lipa “Cold Heart”. We also were inspired by a few of Dua Lipa’s pop songs. A lot of the production behind her songs have inflections of disco and funk and we wanted to make a track that was catchy and poppy but with a disco flair. Lyrically this is a song about walking away from toxic situations, focusing more on yourself and not letting anyone kill your vibe. It’s almost like a SELF-HYPE song, to kinda recalibrate yourself.Even when you get into bad situations, you can still start over again. No regrets, just onward and upward.”Midnight Pool Party

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Sticking down under, another of our Aussie faves Lemonade Baby is also back with brand new single ‘Alien’. With two singles already under his belt this year, ‘Electric Girl’ and ‘I blocked ur account’ the alternative dance pop artist now presents the disjointed, quirky and incredibly infectious ‘Alien’, inspired by the films of the same name. Another solid addition to the mix, Lemonade Baby continues to impress in the alt pop realms.

Alien was inspired by the ‘Alien’ movies, rewatching them sparked the idea of what it’s like to be with someone and watch them switch to almost another person, much like ‘being with an alien’. I feel everyone has experienced that with a friend or past love.Originally *NSYNC’s ‘Its Gonna Be Me’ and ’STAY’ by Kid LAROI were both musical references for this one, however after reworking the project it started to sound more like Chris Brown and Tory Lanez (R&B)meets Justin Bieber(Pop).I’ve been trying to practice restraint with my song writing process. It’s so easy to keep adding new ideas but then it’s hard to know when to stop adding them as well.The original demo for this one was rather intense. It had layers upon layers of instruments that ended up creating a wall of noise.It was unusable soI stripped it back down to its core, Rick Rubin style, and now all you can hear is guitar, vocals and the rhythm.That’s all ya need!”Lemonade Baby

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Another debut to showcase in all its glory this week from the Buckinghamshire based four piece Bollo Bollo, as they present their indie, alt rock offering ‘I’ve Got a Good Feeling About This’. Pairing a laid back, relaxed and ridiculously cool vocal style with euphoric guitar riffs, epic drum fills and soaring, sometimes dreamy sometimes energetic production. A unique and incredibly moreish cocktail of tunes, this project would suit fans of the likes of Foals, Don Broco, Fontaines DC and Tame Impala in a heart beat.

“‘Last Of Our Summers’ is a song that’s been lingering for many years, dating back to 2018 originally titled ‘Rinky Dink’ as a scrappy demo on my iPad, it’s been Frankensteined more times than we can count and we almost gave up on it entirely. This is one of my favourite tracks on the EP due to the fact I feel it’s got almost every element of us crammed within a tune and really is the sound of all of our influences coming together in a single song. I love the unpredictable nature of the song and how it switches up between tight grooves, ambient sections and heavy moments in such a short space of time” – Sonny Ford (Guitarist)

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Jake Daniels returns with new dark pop anthem ‘Stalker’. Upbeat, punchy and subtly aggressive, he cleverly uses the lyrical content to get his message across. With this new offering, Jake plays with elements of electronic, alternative and pop, all tied together with his signature alluring twist. ‘Stalker’ is bound to be another certified hit for the talented singer and songwriter.

It tells a story about social media and real life bullies. The main character of the song feels like he’s being watched everywhere he goes. He gets picked on frequently by the same few bullies, and they’re always making remarks about him on social media and following his every move. Throughout the song, he finally reaches his breaking point, and starts a blog called ‘The Stalker,’ which describes in detail the bullies from his school dressed as villains in 3D character form, hinting at who’s who with character descriptions. The song goes into detail about how the main character feels, // you got your notifications on, you watch my stories to get you off // implying the bullies feed off of their own negative energy. There’s definitely a deeper message involved in the song, highlighting the problems of internet bullying and its affects on others.”  Jake Daniels

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Last and by no means least, Diana Goldberg has returned with the third and fiery single off of her forthcoming EP set for release in July. Introducing the dark infused, alt pop number ‘DRIPPING IN MY BLOOD’, which champions Diana’s glorious vocals, alongside offering up another side to the talented songstress. Putting her writing to the test, this time she delves deep into an uneasiness by starting with three bass and purposeful off-key piano notes that move into a larger than life, trap-beats focused chorus. Consistently pushing the boundaries of her artistry, we greatly look forward to what else Diana has up her sleeve.

The song is sort of like self-harm on a mental level. It’s about not accepting yourself, and at the peak of those feelings is where you learn to accept yourself. Sort of like ‘right path, wrong path’ storyline, where the narrator sees their path is crumbling, with every wrong step being risky and dangerous. It’s that feeling of moving away from one toxic situation with another person and moving into it with yourself instead. It’s that ‘calm before the storm energy‘ that I tried to highlight throughout the song where narratively you’re in the middle of that metamorphosis, but it kind of goes awry. Sonically, it’s a mix of chest voice, high vocals, where the vocal performance sounds like it’s a slow-mo, self-destructive, falling off course sound, matching the lyricism, of course. This track also pays homage to my alt-pop sound, where I break the structure of pop music. It introduces a sort of ‘rapping’ style of freestyle lyricism and that’s due to the rebellious nature of the song — where I don’t adhere to someone’s structures and expectations. It just all adds up in terms of words and sound and that’s where the beauty in this painful song.” Diana Goldbeg

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