Mini Melon Mix Ups: august at night, Edenhill, Slouch Online, Adventure Club and NGHTMRE x Zomboy

Welcome to the Mix Up our marvellous Melons! We’re back with a tune-tastic, fully loaded, unmissable MMM for you this week. So get ready to dive head first into a smorgasbord of TUNES.

First up for you our fruity friends and to gently ease you in, is the laidback, lofi- infused R&B debut ‘Realer’ by august at night. Delicate, subtle and soft, this is a unique light and airy first single that is understated yet full of beauty. Using samples and textures from a variety of genres and instruments, ‘Realer’ includes the tones of Tibetan singing bowls and is the perfect track to pop on for a late night relax or meditation. Looking forward to more from this intriguing artist!

“There’s always something deeper. Something honest. Getting to it usually means letting yourself explore that – even if it’s new or scary. Realer is sort of about that — being honest. Being alive. Especially when it’s hardest. Because that’s usually when it matters most.” – august at night

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Picking up the pace now, we have the new electro pop, synth laden single ‘Lost Control’ from Edenhill. Overflowing with those nostalgia fuelled 80’s tones, ‘Lost Control’ is a super catchy new offering from the young artist. With an unmistakable British accent that perfectly contrasts the dreamy pop infused sound, Edenhill has made a momentous return as he leads up to the release of his EP, Living In Scenes.

“I wrote ‘Lost Control’ after a late night conversation with a friend who felt trapped in their relationship. Realising that they felt it was easier to stay partly happy in a relationship rather than leaving, I wrote the lyric “ it’s easier to be sad with you than alone with myself learning to be without you”. This was the foundation of the song. For me, it is the saddest song I’ve ever had to write, but I hope that it acts as a reminder to try and live a fulfilled life. No one should ever feel helplessly unhappy, especially in love.”Edenhill

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Ready to go next is LA based newcomer Slouch Online with his newest single ‘This Is All Just Part Of The Show’. Recently signing with Indie Aussie label Mammal Sounds Records, Slouch Online’s new offering is a unique blend of his usual influences. Known for making alternative hip hop and R&B music, Slouch online draws from the greats such as Joji, Post Malone and Kid Cudi. Dreamlike, electronic and on the more gentler side of Hip Hop, ‘This Is All Just Part Of The Show’ is filled with luscious melodies and mind melting production.

“This song, like many of my other songs, came from me just exploring and trying new sounds. I came across this sample pack and was immediately inspired by one of the samples. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do the drums, but I knew it needed to be up beat, so after a few hours of tinkering and messing around this is what I came up with.After the beat was done I kinda just free styled/wrote the lyrics. A lot of the time I just make music based on intuition and sometimes I don’t even remember how it all came together. Other times it’s very intentional and I’m trying to make something specific or draw from certain emotions or experiences. The message I am trying to convey in this song is that this is all just the beginning, everything that is happening is all a part of the “show” whether people are aware or not. It kinda plays on the idea that the audience may not understand this chapter or part in the “show” until the next part comes to provide context or that AHAAA!! moment.”– Slouch Online

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Ready to get up and dance? Then this one is for you! We have a brand new single from the forefathers of melodic dubstep next. Canadian duo Adventure Club have released new single ‘Drive’ ahead of their upcoming album Love // Chaos. Gently building and featuring the capable vocals of Tilian Pearson, this new track is endlessly catchy and filled with those delectable drops we all know and love.

“We’re so happy to have embarked and completed this musical journey. Beauz has been breaking incredible genre-defying ground, and Tilian has been one of our favorite artists for as long as we can remember.  I think everyone will be able to hear each artists distinct contributions to what is probably our favorite track on the upcoming album.” – Adventure Club

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Finally, to finish off this wonderful little mix, we have a new collab from NGHTMRE X Zomboy in another dubstep showstopper of a tune, ‘Shell Shock’. Featuring the gorgeous vocals of Georgia Ku, this single is overflowing with bone-chilling basslines and rapid-fire synth work. Ready to blow your mind, this titan duo have created a heavy hitter of a track in the dance world!

“I don’t do many collabs. But when I do it’s always something special. When NGHTMRE approached me with this amazing topline from the super talented Georgia Ku, it was a no-brainer to jump on the track! What a great way to celebrate Gud Vibrations 100th release.” – Zomboy

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