Soran explores the cosmos in ‘Space Boy’

Montreal’s own singer-songwriter Soran relishes his next chapter with the modernised approach of RnB, Pop and electronics within the long-awaited single ‘Space boy’.

Embarking on a musical journey that is tipped for success, Soran showcases full musical control and creativity with ‘Space Boy’ declaring it his “favourite project yet”.

Delving into the innovative sounds that explore every angle of modern music, the rising Canadian artist relishes his new artistic freedom whilst also honouring his late mother in ‘Space Boy’.

Cultivating a strong fan-based from covers and originals on social media to now building a mega discography that boasts millions of streams, Soran’s latest single continues to opens doors for the young, talented artist. With 2021 nearing an end, this one to watch artist is ready to follow suit the joys of ‘Space Boy.

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