Global citizen Ki-Jung delivers riveting pop single ‘Feel Alive’

Life is to be lived. If we could all go by this essential philosophy, then surely the road ahead could be a little easier, and it’s something that multi-instrumentalist and producer Ki-Jung presents in his new single ‘Feel Alive’. There’s a warm, lofi feel to the recording here that transports the listener to the 1980s where cinematic ballads really had hit their stride. He also picks up several genres along the way, such as pop, rock’n’roll and jazz, which are all encased in his easy listening style.

The whole aura of ‘Feel Alive’ is designed to encourage the listener to break free from self-made restraints in order to experience wonder and true love.

My aspiration is to work from now until eternity at bettering myself and, in the process, helping others. I believe in the healing power of sincere friendships and seek to spread the message of compassion in sort of an ecumenical, non-discriminating way. Everyone needs and deserves dignity and respect, and I work in my everyday life and interactions with others to express my gratitude for their presence in my life.”

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