Chatterbox: dezabel chats German TV shows, focusing on songwriting and zoom sessions

Hey dezabel, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

Oh wow, that’s a difficult question. I always try to be as transparent as possible in my communication, but of course, I have private things that I don’t share. But perhaps one thing would be that I was the very first private person to build a full-motion flight simulator years ago, as a consequence I ended up in one of the most popular TV shows in Germany, called Stern TV. But that happened 20 years ago!

What have you been influenced by recently, that you would say has found its way into your sound?

I try to sound kind of unique, at least I want people to hear my musical root, which is Jazz. But lately, I have been working on various Hip Hop projects and therefore I guess there is some influence, but probably more unconscious ones.

What is going on in the musical realms of dezabel at the moment, what are you working on?

I try to work on different songs at the same time. Working on a single song, I realized over time, that I lose a bit the perspective and sometimes ideas pop up that don’t work well with a particular song, but it does with a different one. Currently, I’m working on three different songs, one being more of a Nu-Disco style song, one an R&B style, and the third more of a Singer/Songwriter thing.

What are your plans for the rest of 2021? Any live shows to round off the year?

I hope I can release one more song this year, but I doubt it’s going to happen as I don’t want to release a song during the Holiday season. In terms of live shows, no, I haven’t got any plans yet, as the whole Covid situation is fragile, thus I focus on songwriting.

Any top tips for getting through this difficult time?

Yet another difficult question. I think there is no formula, to be honest. I just try to focus on the positive things that even this situation can bring, and that’s the time to write and collaborate with people from all around the world. I have never been as active in the past 18 months. Having Zoom sessions with people from all over the world is something that I haven’t been doing pre-Covid, but I enjoy it. It just changed the way I write music from local to international, and that’s awesome!

What energy/motto/advice or learnings will you be taking into the new year with you?

My plan is to keep that “international collab” mode that I mentioned previously going. It’s inspiring and refreshing at the same time, and I can learn a lot. If I lack the power of learning it means I don’t have the interest to grow, thus innovation in music production will suffer, and nobody wants to listen to stuff that has been there for ages.

Check out dezabel’s newest single ‘A Little More’ here:

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