COLL returns to complete the legacy in ‘Blue Magic 3’

Norwich-based rapper COLL comes full circle in his third and final mixtape of the ‘Blue Magic’ series. A display of his journey so far, ‘Blue Magic 3’ is the culmination of several years of evolution and growth for COLL, both as a man and as a rapper, songwriter, and producer. From self-reflection to self-motivation, COLL poetically documents the many experiences he has faced and the lessons he has learned over various genres of self-produced instrumentals. 

10-tracks long, ‘Blue Magic 3’ sees COLL’s versatility shine through as he delivers a powerful and nuanced performance, touching on subjects from grief and heartbreak (Save Me) to hard work and self-motivation, COLL proves his substance as an artist on this mixtape, communicating himself with conviction and his unique, loveable flair. 

Photo by Bartosz Halicki

Blending influences from a range of genres, COLL flexes his production skills on this tape too, most notably on ‘Coldest Winter’ featuring Sleeps Cousin which sees COLL go head to head on a drum n’ bass meets hip-hop hybrid beat. Also featured on ‘Blue Magic 3’ are a small collection of some of COLL’s favorite, upcoming rappers. Joining him on this final stretch are Sleep’s Cousin, hopping on the aforementioned ‘Coldest Night’, Big Jeezy on the American-influenced trap bop ‘Wave’, and JR & Megamind on club banger, ‘Oh My’. 

“I made BM3 with the sole purpose of collaborating with other people I respect and I wanted it to be fun and something you can listen to on repeat. It’s my third mixtape and I feel very blessed to have come this far and to have worked with so many talented people along the way. This is the final one in the Blue Magic series so I hope you enjoy it.”  – COLL

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