Listen to Olivia White’s pop-forward single ‘Unrequited’

For every love song out there, you can bet there’s another about the unrequited kind of emotion. There’s just something about that longing, that urgency, that feeling of not being able to have what your heart desires that has inspired musicians throughout the ages and no genre is immune is the alluring pull of unreturned affection, especially pop.

Enter Olivia White with her aptly named single ‘Unrequited’, a pop-forward single featuring ricocheting rocky guitars and her saccharine vocals. Produced by Max Smith (who has worked with Dua Lipa, Charlotte Lawrence and Zara Larsson), this is a super stylish and charismatic offering from the British newcomer.

“Unrequited is about that day that you finally wake up and realise you are no longer affected by a person who hurt you.”

Find Olivia White on Instagram.

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