Swedish pop sensation Molly Hammar releases new EP ‘Sex’ featuring lead single ‘Bath Tub Moments’

Hailing from Stockholm, Swedish pop sensation Molly Hammar releases her new EP ‘Sex’ today 15.6 via Cosmos Music.  The six track EP features lead single ‘Bath Tub Moments’ possessing a pleasingly catchy hook and smooth vocals.  The EP also includes her previous single ‘Blossom’, three additional brand-new singles, ‘Boy Tears’, ‘Drive’ and ‘One Night’ as well as a bonus track.

At 22 with 2 gold singles under her belt, 7 years after her definitive breakthrough in the Swedish talent show Idol, Molly Hammar is ready to move away from a pure pop focus to fulfil her dream of producing a soulful R&B album that focusses on sexuality from a woman’s perspective.

“I’ve been listening to so many RnB artists singing about sex in a very stereotypical way and thought it was about time that a woman got to tell her story and talk about sex from another perspective. I’m feeling powerful, I’m free and proud to be a woman and I want the world to realize that it’s ok to talk about these things. Lead single, ‘Bathtub Moments’ is all about the fact that you don’t need anyone other than yourself to feel good.” – Molly Hammar



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