CHATTERBOX: STAYOUTLATE , the rockstars of Toronto Hip-Hop are back with the epic debut album, FABERGÉ.

Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir and YoungWolf, collectively known as STAYOUTLATE are the alternative hip-hop collective from Toronto, Canada who are making a splash across the pond with their fiery bars, exhilarating delivery and undeniable sauce! Back with a brand new, debut album, the crazy quartet sit down with us at Purple Melon HQ to discuss all things FABERGÉ!

FABERGÉ is officially out. Describe how it feels releasing your debut project in 3 words.

Tremayne: Watch the throne 

Scotty: let Nuts hang 

Charlie Noiir: Big Mon Ting 

YoungWolf: Stay Out Late 

What’s the road to creating this project been like… tell us a little about the journey.

Tremayne: From my perspective it’s been a story 6 years in the making. It’s like that movie crash if you’ve ever seen it. We’re just 4 individually talented artists who the universe hand picked to come together and create something magical. 

Scotty: Damn the crash comparison is fire. So was that movie. But I agree you don’t realize sometimes that everything you’re doing is leading you in a path despite what you plan. This wasn’t planned years ago but it was happening. 

Charlie Noiir: The creation was easy. That’s always the easy part. It’s everything else that puts pot holes in the road. 

YoungWolf: The creation process was incredibly effortless, you honestly do not even know what kind of energy that is flowing through the room. When we are all together and working .. expect nothing but magic to happen. 

Where did the concept behind FABERGÉ come from and whos idea was it?

Tremayne: To be honest now that the project is finally out and we can take a step back and look at this entire process fully all of it had similar moments from deciding to do the project together in general to naming the project and everything. It was this, at the moment, unexplainable feeling that we collectively experienced when the name came up and we were like “that’s it”. 

Charlie Noiir: Yea! what manz like Tre said 

YoungWolf: Tre knocked it out of the park on his explanation. I am honestly still speechless and so grateful to just see this all come to fruition. WE HOPE YALL LOVE IT ! 

Is it difficult refining your ideas and final track list as a collective? How do you make a final decision when some members disagree? 

Tremayne: I once heard Diddy say in an interview. Paraphrasing: I don’t want to do business with you if you I don’t want to punch you in the face sometimes. Chances are all the greatest moments in history someone got punched in the face in the creation. If you don’t care enough to fight for it, why are we talking?

Scotty IV: Outside of musical chemistry, none of us agree on a lot of things. It’s like a reality show sometimes. So when we do agree it’s undeniable everything else comes down to a vote. We’re about democracy. 

Charlie Noiir: I’m pretty sure there were a couple times that mandem could have gloved up. But we always find away to get to the decision that’s best for the team 

YoungWolf: Definitely some debates and head bumping going on for certain things, but that’s why we always take a second listen and are able to compromise on certain things and personal preferences we may have. Ultimately though, we a family and family always pull through any differences together as one. ( I’m getting deep with it here


Do you have a favourite track off the album and why/why not? 

Tremayne: Honestly the creative process for me really has me needing to take a long ass break from listening to any of the tracks. Love every single track, but it’s like having a life partner. Sometimes you need some time away to remind yourself how much you love them. 

Scotty: All the songs are actually my favourite. Like children you love them all for different reasons in different ways. Some people do have that one child they could do without I guess but that’s rare. 

Charlie Noiir: Whole project fire but If I gotta choose I’m picking ‘Bodmon Vibes‘ hands down. From the production to the hook to the verses it’s a BODY! But I’m also tied to the memory of how that record came together let’s just say I almost broke my ankle lol 

YoungWolf: New rule … you can’t ask the producer what his favourite song is because I have listened to every song at least 500 if not more times. But if I have to pick one … ‘Body Roll‘ the hidden gem. 

Aside from YoungWolf’s EDM background, what other music influences went into FABERGÉ? We can definitely hear some Caribbean flavours in there. 

Tremayne: Damn! That’s an interesting question. For me I’m the rapper rapper still, but within the attitude and swagger of some of the cadences I definitely am influenced by the free vocal expression of Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, James Brown. 

Scotty: The list is too long for sure but it’s everything from Foofighters to Fela Kuti somewhere in my influences for this project. I think the fact we all have different musical influences and different backgrounds in terms of heritage helped make a gumbo of styles that’s honestly way harder to describe than it is to make. 

Charlie Noiir: Yea, I can’t pinpoint it because my influences always change. I will say though Tre was my influence on Baddieville. I’m usually on a melodic wave but when I heard his verse I was like nahhhh I need to get into my bag! Lol

YoungWolf: I actually influence myself cause I’m just that dope …. Just kidding, just kidding. Honestly for me, I wanted to just get out of my EDM pocket for a bit and experiment with what I grew up on and sounds of different cultures that I love and appreciate so much. To name a few. Mac Miller, Asap Ferg, Travis Scott, Wiz Khalifa. 

What do you think sets you apart from other rappers and rap collectives in your city? 

Scotty: We’ve been around longer individually and as a group and rinsed through the Toronto lifestyle but we’re still connected to what’s new and very much able to bang with anything that’s out. Most teams have a star player, but the all star team has all the best players. We’re the all star team. 

Tremayne: Yeh, we’re definitely the Golden state Warriors in 2017/18. 

Charlie Noiir: I don’t think about other rappers. Don’t get me wrong I love what the rap scene in my city looks like right now, but I never make moves or decisions based on what someone else is or isn’t doing. I’m gonna do me always. And people are gonna love it or hate it. 

YoungWolf: I just make music. I don’t pay attention to any form of competition between other groups, producers or artists. 

Lastly, what’s next for STAYOUTLATE? 

Tremayne: Honestly can’t wait to hit a few stages in Toronto and around the world. Release more music and everything else we wana do. 

Scotty: More solo work from each of us but most importantly SHOWS! 

YoungWolf: Live shows, more music, turning up … oh and definitely some merch !!!



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