Rapper B-Wey bares all in his brutally honest debut album, ‘Section 1’

South East London rapper B-Wey tackles mental health, drug addiction and grief in his latest, tell-all debut album, ‘Section 1’. Now approaching his 30s, Ben Weyman retroactively examines the tragedies that defined his twenties; familial loss, his run-ins with the law and the poor mental that saw him sectioned are all on display across the album and perhaps on no track more so than on the single Psych Police.

Delivering canding lyricism and retrospective first-person narratives, B-Wey’s performance on ‘Section 1’ is as moving as it is inspiring. From the old-school hip-hop vibes offered in ‘Psych Police‘ to the elation of ‘Release Day‘ and the bitter remorse felt in ‘Relapse‘, B-Wey leaves no stone left unturned on this incredible, confessional album.

‘Section 1’ is both deeply personal and a call to others going through similar pains and importantly, recovery. Following a tumultuous period, Ben is proud to say that he has been stable for 3 years and hopes that his work can guide others to a similar peace.

Listen to B-Wey – ‘Section 1’


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