Synth Pop prince Luis Ake returns with double single release ‘Umweg/Krafter’

German singer-songwriter Luis Ake is known the world over for his love of experimentation and vowing to never do the same thing twice. In this new double-whammy release, ‘Umweg/ Krafter’ Ake flexes his genre-bending abilities, creating a unique and eclectic soundscape, seamlessly blended with his smooth, nostalgic pop vocals. 

With an array of successful releases under his belt, Luis Ake’s playground lies in the in-between. His artistry and expertise flow in and under the bridges between genres, the spaces where boundaries are boundless. Slinking from Synth Pop to Dark Wave, to Italo Disco and Neue Deutsche Welle, no stone is left unturned when Luis Ake creates.

In ‘Umweg/ Krafter’, Ake offers his unique and whimsical perspective on the complexities of post-breakup life and the strange avenues some go on to avoid being triggered by their past. Lighthearted and original, the release of  ‘Umweg’ is accompanied by an animated music video, courtesy of Costa Rican filmmaker Julian Gallese.

“The song is about a detour you have to make every day to avoid walking past the house of your ex-partner. This detour always costs you 10 minutes and reminds you of the past time, which you mourn after). Everybody knows this situation, especially if you live in the same part of town. Once there was great happiness, now it’s only constant suffering. In the end, you emancipate yourself from the street and turn into a bird to fly back to the balcony of your former love to say that you still love her.

I’m really happy to have Julian Gallese, a Costa Rican filmmaker which I admire a lot on board for the video. His unique style and humour fits the grim sense of humour in the song pretty well. The detours, which get described in the lyrics of the song are translated into a spontaneous dance party somewhere in a lonely desert. Julian used motion-tracking to perform the dance of the old man himself. I love the overall vibe which fits the positive ending of the song. And most important of all: He even rebuild my Porsche in 3D!”  – Luis Ake

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