Twitch star Mitch Jones reveals stunning tribute to Reckful in the form of debut EP ‘If I Could Go Back’

An avid Twitch user and star of streaming, Mitch Jones has gained huge notoriety in the online world and within the Twitch community over the last 10 years. From World of Warcraft to Pokemon Go, Mitch would bring stellar content to his fans. Now, in a change of the tides and looking to begin a new chapter he transitions from Twitcher to singer songwriter as he reveals his debut EP ‘If I Could Go Back’. Consisting of six heartfelt tracks, this offering is a stunning tribute to Mitch’s best friend Byron “Reckful” Bernstein who sadly passed away.

An eclectic mix of soft rock, pop punk, electronic and rap, Mitch Jones takes to music like a duck to water in this carefully curated collection of infectious tunes. A beautiful tribute and an exciting launch into this new industry and next phase of his artistry.

“I’ve been a full-time streamer for the past 10 years. I became a person that everyone who watched me wanted to see, and it slowly broke down my mental health over time. I lost some of the best people in my life, to death, or just having them leave me for all of my poor choices. In early 2021, Kala and I connected and we started making music together and it has helped me more than any therapy could. I want to write songs to save people who are struggling, just like I’ve been. Thank you to all of the real ones from Twitch who have supported me in this journey into music. I hope the music can help at least one other person.” – Mitch Jones

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