Toronto trailblazer Patrik Kabongo reaches a momentous milestone with the release of The High End Pack

Toronto trailblazer Patrik Kabongo reaches a momentous milestone in his young but blossoming career with the release of The High End Pack, his latest creative musical project, which features the fiery stand-out single ’98 Degrees’.

Following on from this year’s singles ‘Pictures’ and ‘Repentance’, Toronto one-to-watch Patrik Kabongo is bringing his 2021 journey to a sizzling climax with the release of of a moody and sophisticated, 8-track, hip-hop gem.

Staying true to his sound and his cool, calm and collected demeanor, The High End Pack delivers summery vibes and feel-good anthems without straying into fluffy, commercial or tropical-sounding production. Instead, Patrik maintains his edge across 5 brand new offerings, including 2 new remixes of ‘High End‘ and ‘Pictures‘, courtesy of 120 and EDMP, respectively.

Gritty, self-assured and refined, The High End Pack shares many of the same qualities as Patrik Kabongo himself, proving each single’s authenticity, and organic creation. From the opening track, ‘98 Degrees‘ to Kabongo’s final offering, ‘Everything‘, each single gives way to something new and exciting whilst managing to maintain a consistent and coherent sound and theme. It’s a delicate balance to strike for any artist but Patrik Kabongo makes it look easy.

Patrik Kabongo – ‘The High End Pack’


“I wanted to create a high tempo song for the summer. Something that would have the blended energy of heavy trap bass and Lil Mama’s ‘Lip Gloss’.”– Patrik Kabongo

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