London-based songwriter Zilo solidifies her place in the R&B landscape with ‘Keep Up Wimmi’

Zilo is a London based songwriter and artist whose new single ‘Keep Up Wimmi’ has solidified her place in the R&B landscape. The exciting, emerging talent released her debut single ‘Know That I Want You’ last year.

After a flurry of press pieces and online support it climbed to ~150,000 Spotify streams. ‘Keep Up Wimmi’ continues that trajectory, building on Zilo’s effortlessly laid-back brand of R&B; her hushed vocals spin in and out of a hip-hop flecked beat. It’s a wining formula – be sure to keep an eye on Zilo.


“This song, in a nutshell, is me preparing any one that I cross paths with of some of the things they potentially could expect from me if they choose to be in my life. There’s a lot to uncover about me & the longer people stick around to find out, the more I’m likely to reveal. If people want to be in my world, they quite literally have to ‘keep up with me’.” – Zilo


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