Introducing: teen Reuben Gray shares his exquisite debut single ‘Till The Lights Go Out’

Seventeen-year-old Brit Reuben Gray sends crashing waves into the pop scene with his debut single ‘Till The Lights Go Out‘; an ode to our generational quest for acceptance and validation. The smooth and atmospheric production is sliced through by empty space and gently warmed by the organic instrumentation playing around the expansive synth-led elements. Combined with the vulnerable and lustful lyricism, this debut makes for a true artistic masterpiece. We await patiently for what Gray will bring us in 2019; we are certain it is going to be as extraordinary as his first.

“The song is my answer to our generation’s constant quest for acceptance and the need to be validated by our peers. I want to show that you don’t need the most expensive clothes, the latest mobile phone or even hundreds of likes on your profile picture to be happy. All you really need is to find that one person who likes you for who you really are.” – Reuben Gray

Reuben Gray PR8119


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