Indie-pop powerhouse Reece shares his vulnerable new project ‘Life’

Indie-pop powerhouse Reece shares his vulnerable new project ‘Life‘, a dedication to the journey of finding strength through introspection. His poetically-poignant track fuses R&B, indie and pop blends to carve out an individualistic sound, allowing Reece to boast the sheer vastness of his expansive vocal range as well as his emotional depth. Heavy Mellow (Halsey, 30 Seconds To Mars, Glass Animals) provides a perfect production bed for this single; it is elegantly stripped back allowing for Reece’s sensational vocals to take centre stage. We anticipate Reece’s next release of his EP ‘Im Not Sure Yet‘ in early 2019; we are ready and here for it.

“’Life’ is about the struggles many of us face at times with depression, and questioning our purpose in life. It’s about the journey of finding that inner strength that resides in all of us, and using that strength to move forward and carry on.” – Reece

“I want people to think about their lives and reflect when they listen to my music. My biggest goal is to make them feel like—even though the songs can be sad—they’re not alone. They can listen to me and feel like they belong. That’s what my favourite artists did for me.” – Reece


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