Nashville’s rising star Julia Knight brings us an irresistible new single ‘cool for you’

Nashville’s rising star Julia Knight goes out of 2018 with a bang by sharing her infectious single ‘cool for you‘, an ode to playing it cool in order to protect yourself in a relationship. As a completely independent artist, Julia is carving herself out a place in Nashville’s R&B and pop scenes. Her flawless vocals glide over the minimalist, clean beat-led production, whilst the hook continues to loop in your brain like an earworm long after you hear it; a true illustration of Knight’s ability to reel listeners in. We look forward to seeing what Knight brings us in the new year.

“‘cool for you’ is about a super brief relationship that looking back on, I had no business being in really. I met someone in the summer and thought everything was working out, only for it to end abruptly a short couple months later. It’s about trying to be so cool and casual as a way to protect yourself. I hated that.” – Julia Knight


Photo credit: Cobey Arner, Jon Wright

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