Teen pop sensation Isaac Dunbar is back with another earworm single ‘blonde’

Teen pop sensation Isaac Dunbar returns with another earworm single, ‘blonde‘, a dedication to unbalanced friendships and the toll they take on a person. At just fifteen years old, the rising star continues to carve out a well-earned place in the pop scene, creating a name for himself as not only an talented artist, but as a remarkable writer and producer as well. The new single is as lyrically relatable as the hook is infectious; we look forward to seeing what else Dunbar brings us in the new year.

“I wrote ‘blonde’ about an unbalanced friendship I had with this girl. The friendship was very toxic, and my ‘role’ in that friendship was to revolve my life around hers. The message I want to give to the world regarding this song is to never revolve your life around someone else’s when that other person doesn’t equally put the time and effort into that relationship. Live for yourself, not anyone else.” – Isaac Dunbar


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