Chatterbox: LA based producer Gentry chats to us about his new single ‘Disconnected’ and L.A.

Hey! Could you tell our readers something about yourself that they might not find out otherwise?

Aside from an overwhelming fear of judgement, I’m a huge fan of room temperature, filtered water. 

What are your musical influences?

Queen and Garth Brooks

What do you like to do outside of your career 
in music?

Try not to upset my girlfriend. I also play tennis terribly. If anyone wants to coach me, get in touch.

How would you describe the sound you’ve crafted on your debut release?

Alternative electronic pop.

Where are you based, and how does your city impact your music?

Los Angeles. Keeps me inside creating music, for fear of premature ageing and burning my anaemic skin.

What do ‘Disconnected’ and ‘Something I Said’ draw upon thematically?

Disconnected is a song about how I often feel disconnected. Be it from myself, or others. I think it’s something most people living on the planet at this time can probably relate to. ‘Something I Said’ is about a girl I was into, who disappeared. She was found, but not by me. I guess you could say it’s a song about being ghosted.

What do fans have to look forward to over the next few months?

I’m opening the floodgates to a ton of new music and some exciting live shows. Oh, and my idiotic dancing.


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