Newcomer singer-songwriter Alana Sukul shines on funk-pop single, ‘Be Friends’

Re-emerging with her second release of the year, newcomer singer-songwriter Alana Sukul shines on ‘Be Friends’. Boasting a smooth, funk-pop flavour, lined with acoustic guitar strings and subtle, RnB vocal inflections, ‘Be Friends’ sees Alana Sukul deliver a remarkable performance; demonstrating a maturity and grace beyond her years through her heartfelt and emotionally mature songwriting.

Turning to music following the painful breakdown of a close friendship, Sukul sought solace in her songwriting, which eventually lead to the creation of ‘Be Friends’, Sukul’s third single and a welcomed new addition to her growing discography of electronic, funk-fuelled pop.

Within the track, Sukul reminisces on past memories as she gently sings “can’t we just be friends?” while bravely respecting the boundaries of her former companion. Sincere, endearing and from-the-heart, ‘Be Friends’ is a wonderfully unique offering from Alana Sukul who perfectly captures the grief and heartbreak often associated with friendship breakups but seldom spoken about.

Listen to Alana Sukul – ‘Be Friends’


“Friendship breakups can sometimes hurt a lot worse than your typical romantic breakup, I hope this song will help listeners to grieve over the loss by dancing it out.”

Alana Sukul

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