Dublin hailing songstress KK Lewis unveils her highly anticipated debut EP ‘DREAMING’

Back with a newly released debut EP, DREAMING, Dublin songstress KK Lewis explores her inner self across 5 expertly curated indie-pop tracks, all whilst delivering a beautiful fluidity between her various personas and musical influences, of which they are many. Inspired by a range of strong female artists, from Amy Winehouse and Celeste to Arlo Parks and Biig Piig, KK Lewis embraces a range of sounds on this project, whilst always remaining true to her folky roots and distinct creative vision.

“This EP represents a skeleton of KK Lewis. Each song explores a different version of me, revealing a new story and a new sound. It highlights the confusion and insecurity I felt during my teenage years, not feeling comfortable enough to be myself. This project follows a journey of self discovery and creates a foundation for my sound to grow from. I recorded this EP with Papa Rua in his house. We spent a long time listening to lots of different music, talking about what we wanted the record to sound like and the story I wanted to tell.”

Sincere, heartfelt and relatable, KK Lewis’ intimate lyrics and unique vocal mark the EP as a must-listen for 2021, especially the stand-out single, ‘Petals‘ which sees Lewis make her directorial debut in a stunning, cinematic music video in which the young artist truly comes into her own. Made up of a series of stunning, stylistic shots underpin the visuals, as KK’s creativity delves into a haunting, dramatic realm that allows you to soak up her evocative and poetic intent.

Introduced by her debut single, ‘Loop Now‘ and closed off by her newest offering, ‘Dreaming‘, the DREAMING EP is a magical full-circle moment that demonstrates the incredible growth, versatility and creativity possessed by KK Lewis. So young and so full of talent, Lewis has proven herself to be a forced to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to see and hear what she has to offer us next.

Listen to KK Lewis – DREAMING


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