Lainey Dionne returns with lusty, dark-pop smash, ‘I Love You to Death’

Lainey Dionne possesses a want and need to create lustful dark pop magic. The Rhode Island songstress has forged her way to the front of the line with her undeniable talent and ability to write incredible and authentic pop songs. Her latest offering, and probably her best yet is ‘I Love You To Death’, channeling a dance pop groove with synth lines and haunting lyricism, alongside Lainey’s soft and delicate and artistic vocals, makes for an addictive pop track that travels far and wide.  

Lainey explains:

“I Love You to Death is about wanting someone so bad, that you don’t even notice how BAD they actually are for you. Sometimes in my relationships I have blinders on, and all I focus on is how much I love them, not how much they are killing my vibe.”

Constantly producing and collaborating, it’s clear that over time Lainey’s sound has evolved and become a statement of intent for the young and multi-talented singer-songwriter. It’s powerful, emotive and relatable music – and that speaks volumes in the modern day world. 

Listen to Lainey Dionne – ‘I Love You to Death’


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