updog returns with new single ‘Overthink’

Copenhagen based singer-songwriter and all round artist updog is back, alive and kicking with new single ‘Overthink’. Continuing on his usual trajectory of vulnerability, authenticity and honesty, ‘Overthink’ follows his carefully selected suit of quirky catchiness.

This time round his lyrics explore the concept of fear by dissecting his own thought patterns and ruminating thoughts. Taken off of his upcoming EP ‘skellies’ we are in for a treat of singles as he prepares for his next mammoth release. Expertly manoeuvring between genres updog is back and better than ever.

“I think I say ‘overthink’ at least 50 times in this song, so we can all take a certain guess at what the subject matter is about… don’t overthink it! This song, like the EP, is quirky, weird, fun, playful, and most importantly… 100% me.” – updog

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