Confetti release pop-rock banger, thats everything but ‘Boring’

Introducing to the melonverse the raucous Pop-Rock Elephant duo Confetti and new single ‘Boring’. Yes, you read that right, Confetti are an elephant duo and yes, now you’ve seen everything.

Oozing with fun, infectious good vibes and bursts of energy, the pair have provided the perfect antidote to that dull feeling. Championing their signature ‘Gangster with sprinkles‘ style ‘Boring’ is filled with quick-fired, quick-witted verses and pop culture references, all polished off with a huge catchy chorus that is sure to get the whole room pumping. Preparing for their upcoming EP release Guilty Pleasures, theres a whole heap more where this first single came from and us Melon heads are ready for the parade.

We make music because it’s 100% genuinely a representation of how we feel at that very moment, never aren’t afraid to censor our feelings and ready to hit you with realness. So this song is about how we felt during quarantine… BORED. Also, boredom predates quarantine back to the early days of living in a society where only people with loads of money can have fun. Perhaps that’s why our imaginations are so… ferked?” – Confetti

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