Sunstinger release luminous debut EP ‘Beyond the Frame’

Living in nearby hometown villages not far from Fife, four-piece alt-gaze-rock band Sunstinger have released their luminous debut EP ‘Beyond the Frame’. Comprising of four expertly produced tracks, the quartet have a knack for creating dreamlike soundscapes with their unique take on shoegaze and alt rock.

Starting softly, ‘Bonnies Kaleidoscope’ is the first track of the project, as it builds and grows into an athematic single with haunting melodies. The second track is the focus track with the same name, ‘Beyond the Frame’ comes into view and contains equally as echoed, spaced out vocals combined with gloriously cinematic soundscapes. ‘Shadows’ is third in the mix and features devilishly distorted baselines and a floating nostalgic teenage narrative. Finally finishing off with ‘All My Friends Are High’ which eases you in gently, making the partner for those early morning’s when the party is dying down. A symbolic ending to a gorgeous escapism EP ‘Beyond the Frame’ is not to be missed by the rockers among us.

Written and recorded in the space of just 3 days at the end of 2020 in substation with Magnus Collie (The Jesus and Mary Chain, Skids, Domiciles) Taylor Wright describes the creation process for the EP, “It was put together very quickly. We went into the studio with about 50 percent of the lyrics and no guitar parts. We actually wrote ‘All My Friends Are High’ at the rehearsal the night before and Scott, our guitarist, hadn’t even heard it until he arrived at the studio the next day. For some reason the process just worked for us. We experimented with a lot of different guitar sounds as we wanted it to sound as loud as possible. We’ve left no space in the songs at all and Magnus was a big part in that too.” 

“It’s the sound we’ve been searching for these last few years. If it was 10 years ago everything before this would have been a learning process towards this EP. And the EP would probably be the first thing released. In this day and age though the way social media works and the way bands can release material it’s like the audience or fans come on the journey from the beginning.We’ve grafted hard and it’s nice to have something to show for it, it means a lot to us but it still feels like this is just the beginning. We’re still one of the new bands around here, we still have something to prove.” – Sunstinger

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