MDL CHLD drops cheeky new feel good track ‘Funk (About You)’ feat. Nicole D’Amato

Fresh, sassy, playful and incredibly Funky, the new track and video from MDL CHLD aka Chris Corsini is sure to get you up and dancing but most importantly will make you feel good. He’s teamed up with Nicole D’Amato to bring to us an incredibly inclusive music video for ‘Funk (About You). Promoting self love, knowing your worth and minding your own business, ‘Funk(About You)’ is the feel good anthem of the year at a time we need it most.

Championing inclusivity the video features an onscreen tri-lingual Deaf performer, behind the scenes Deaf Black Female ASL Coach and Deaf Caption artist. Additionally, MDL CHLD has also included 2 Trans-women and 3 Gay men (including Chris himself), a Queer costume designer, Gay makeup artist, Queer choreographer and a BIPOC team in Toronto who use a green screen to film Nicole. An absolute celebration of human diversity as MDL CHLD reshapes accessibility and inclusivity within the music industry.

Check out this incredible video for ‘Funk (About You)’ feat. Nicole D’Amato below:

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