Chapter and Verse drop video for electric new single ‘After Midnight’

London based, fiery alt-rock quintet Chapter and Verse have returned and with them they bring their electric new single and video ‘After Midnight’. Punchy and packed with energy, the instrumentation is a driving force, perfectly poised for lead singer Josh’s vocals to soar. Sure to get your head banging and your feet stomping, alongside this explosive new release, Chapter and Verse have also announced a UK tour where you too will be able to mosh out in real life with the band themselves, very soon.

Filled with attitude and with the talent to back it up, Chapter and Verse continually stretch the boundaries of alt-rock. A storm is coming, so be ready to rock and or roll as this electrifying band is taking no prisoners.

Check out ‘After Midnight’ below:

“When we went into lockdown last year I suddenly found myself with all this time on my hands and really felt the pressure to make the most of it. I absolutely tore through work and was writing music day and night until I nearly completely burnt out. One evening my fiance & I started watching old festival highlights over a few drinks and it turned into an all-nighter. It was the first time in ages that I properly let my hair down and even though it was just the two of us in our living room I had the absolute best time! – Josh Carter (Vocals)

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