Paper Idol reveals day dream ridden, reality-bending, feel good EP ‘Mania Days’

LA songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, extremely talented human and our self confessed favourite buzzing ball of musical energy, Paper Idol has dropped his long awaited EP ‘Mania Days’. It’s been one heck of a wild ride as Paper Idol has pulled us through an all encompassing, whimsical journey from the get go.

Kicking things off with the imaginative Daydream, he lifted us even higher with Clouds before dropping us into a mixing pot of soundscapes, catchy hooks, quirky lyrics and epic production with Tightrope, James Bond and Seen This All Before. Now, fully invested and addicted to his unique brand of electronic indie-pop he gifts us with the final piece of the puzzle and the last stop on the rollercoaster ride that is ‘Mania Days’.

A musical remedy for a generation desperate for release and escapism, with this new EP Paper Idol set out to create an antidote. ‘Mania days’ is an emotional, melody-ridden, upbeat, dance inducing, high-octane, topsy turvy bowl of goodness ready to suck you in and swirl you round.

With unheard ‘Castles’ being the cherry on top of the multi coloured, upside down, sprinkle laden, icing covered cake, Paper Idol takes us on one final quest into this musical sonic sphere. But fear not, ‘Mania Days’ is now forever floating in the musical ether, ready for whenever you need to hop, skip or jump into a world of wonder and endless possibilities.

“Mania Days is a six-part story about a boy named Paper whose broken heart leads him on a delusional adventure. Castles is the final chapter in the story – Paper’s mania wears off and he crashes back down to reality. The song is about my experience moving to LA to make music. I had these huge expectations for success, often fuelled by people in the industry, and thought it would require little time or effort to reach that success. “Castles” is about leaving fairy tales behind and realising that you need to work hard and stay determined to reach your goals” – Paper Idol

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