noelle unveils the emotionally delicate and utterly beautiful – ‘Therapy’

Step into the soothing, soulful sounds of Toronto’s rising star, noelle whose back with her latest single, ‘Therapy’, the first to be taken from her forthcoming, debut album, released via Wax Records / Universal Music Canada.

Oozing with a dreamy softness and a subtle sadness, noelle’s tone is pure, gentle and utterly heavenly. Written from the heart, ‘Therapy’ overflows with love as compassion clings to every gentle, breathy note. This newest offering carries a particularly powerful healing message from the young artist who hopes this track encourages fans and listeners to seek out help when they need it.

A talented storyteller and songwriter, noelle beautifully illustrates the breadth and depth of human emotion through her lyrics, pouring her heart into every phrase, ‘Therapy’ represents an emotive plea to all those who are close to us and a plea that many will relate to. 

Written by noelle and David Charles Fischer over zoom with esteemed UK producer Phil Cook (Ellie Goulding, Liam Payne, Lewis Capaldi, Little Mix) and recorded in her parents’ basement studio during quarantine, ‘Therapy’ puts noelle’s smooth vocals on display, showcasing her unique R&B approach to pop music. Having spent the past 2 years developing her sound, the fruits of noelle’s labour are truly starting to blossom, with her unique sound and style positioning her as a worthwhile new prospect in Canada’s buzzing RnB scene, as well as a pop starlet with global appeal. 

“Writing ‘Therapy’ was healing for me, getting all of my feelings out into a song. It’s really heartbreaking watching someone you love go through a hard time, especially when they don’t open up to get the help that they need. Therapy is about reassuring someone that you’re always going to be there for them.” – noelle

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