Mini Melon Mix Up’s: Abigail Fierce, seeyousoon, Richie Gathu, Abstract Source, Jeremy Loops, Josha Daniel, Nefertitti Avani, Teddy Beats, HASANI, Casper Sun and NASAYA x MARO

Welcome, welcome one and all to yet another delicious slice of musical delight, our bitesized yet incredibly moreish Mini Melon Mix Up’s, where we share all the new tunage we’ve been movin’ and a groovin’ too. Filled to the brim with a little ‘mix’ of everything, todays feature follows the usual suit of something to tantalise everyones tastebuds.

Now, enough chat, it’s time to let the music PLAY!

First up on the list week is a brand new tune by alternative pop-rocker Abigail Fierce who is back with the epic single, ‘Scream It to The Whole World’. A native LA babe, Abigail provides an escape from the mundane, bending genre norms and constantly pushing boundaries with her ever-evolving sound. She provides the nostalgia of classic 00’s Pop Rock, and immerses you in her glamorous, dangerously exhilarating universe.

“This song is about something that happened to me in high school. I was close friends with a girl that I had romantic feelings for, and she said she liked me back, but publicly she didn’t want anyone to know, and publicly she had a boyfriend. It was a hard thing to deal with at that age…really liking someone a lot for the first time and having them not want to be seen with you. As a member of the LGBT community, it means a lot for me to be able to release this during pride month.”

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Next up is the prolific Florida based 9-piece collective seeyousoon who are continuing to make strides in the industry with the reveal of their latest fiery rap-meets-pop cut, ‘Faster Please.’ Arriving with a video showcasing the diverse chemistry existing among the collective, ‘Faster Please’ further cements seeyousoon as one of the most exciting groups to emerge as of late. Speaking on the track, they state:

“We wrote ‘Faster Please’ in the middle of quarantine. We hadn’t been together to work on music for a few months so it felt like this song really jumped out of us. It speaks to how much we love the early 2000’s hip-hop that influenced all of us in one way or another.”

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Kicking off the Great British summer with a brand new banger is Kenya-born, Bristol-bred newcomer Richie Gathu who has just released his best tune to date, ‘Cosa Nostra’,  a vibrant and energetic UK rap track with a killer Spanish guitar melody!

“As soon as I press play on Cosa Nostra, I’m teleported to Havana, Cuba or to the Amalfi Coast. In my mind, I see a beautiful sunset on the horizon, my body fuelled by 15 (or more) tequila shots as I hit the salsa across a pebbled street toward my lover who is in the exact same vibe as I am. The inspiration for the song stems from lockdown, the endless months of being separated from a lover and planning to “pull up” as soon as I could. I even had to sprinkle some Swahili in there to add extra flavour to the tune!”

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Not to be mistaken for Tears For Fears legendary song by the same name, this ‘Mad World’ comes from DJ and producer Abstract Source on which he’s collaborated with  soul singer Amey St.Cy. This vibrant dance and house inspired single is all about dismantling the delusion of supremacy and finding the beauty of equality through music.

“Mad World is about the delusion of supremacy. Whether we think we are superior because we are white or male or heterosexual or able-bodied etc, It’s all an illusion. Which in the words of the song can cause ‘so much pain and confusion’.

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The idealistic appeal of long-distance relationships, whether that be in films, literature or music, never fails to draw people in, however it’s not quite as fun as it’s often portrayed. Here singer-songwriter Jeremy Loops has decided to portray the truth behind his experience in single and video ‘Postcards’.

“Postcards is a song about the ups and downs of relationships, people feel like they are alone when they suffer difficulties in relationships, it’s more common than people admit. This isn’t a sad song, it’s a song about acceptance and accepting that difficulties are often part of the journey to finding that solid connection. It’s a very upside-down world we’re living in right now. It’s hard to see people agreeing on anything, but this is one thing I feel like everyone can agree on. Sometimes we just can’t live with or without each other.”

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Dutch singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Josha Daniel has returned and with him he brings his first 2021 single ‘Alive’. Utterly infectious and oozing with energy, ‘Alive’ gently ushers you in with soft building synths and dreamy vocals. A beautiful blend of genres, Josha expertly interweaves essences of Indie, Electronic and dance, which leads to a unique yet dramatic tune. Enchanting synthwork and captivating chords, ‘Alive’ is a rare treat.

“’Alive’ is about the ultimate rush of feeling free. What if we could leave all our fears behind, will we truly feel alive?”

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American, singer, songwriter and actress Nefertitti Avani, reveals her sleek and soulful new tune ‘Serious’. Oozing with bouncy rhythms, upbeat and filled with catchy melodies, this tune is the perfect blend of Ariana, Doja Cat and Princes Nokia combined yet with Nefertitti’s own sophisticated and unique flair. With a vocal range for days, she’s not afraid to hop from rapping back to blissful R&B riffs and runs, let her sultry vocals swirl you into an intricate, electro infused soundscape with ‘Serious’.

‘Serious’ is the first single from forthcoming new EP ‘Oh, Ok’ available this Summer.

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‘Alive’ ft. Britt Lari is the third instalment from emerging NYC producer Teddy Beats. A smorgasbord of scintillating elements, Teddy expertly blends soothing acoustics, mesmerising vocals and rounds it off perfectly with a pumping baseline resulting in undeniable mainstream appeal. Managing to capture the essence of a carefree Summer, not too long ago, this it the perfect addition to your playlists for the warmer months ahead.

“Britt Lari and I wanted to shake things up and show off our wild side by coming alive on this fierce, summery, slap house-inspired track while bringing in my signature chill dance sound. Keep your ear out for the lion roar before the drop, it’s our favorite part!”

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After huge success with previous single ‘Navy Blue’ which was premiered on Tyler The Creator’s VICELAND show ‘Nuts and Bolts’. Racking up over 7 million streams thus far, HASANI returns to us now with the soft, heartfelt ‘All U Need’. Punctuated with plucked guitar, HASANI’s melodious vocals swim in and out of the harmony provided by the beautiful soundscape. Effortlessly traveling from spoken to sung, HASANI is confident and completely at home. The self-love mantra we never knew we needed, this single is a welcomed, honest breath of fresh air in the Hip hop world.

“All U Need is seamless sensual self-love mantra. No matter how bad you may want somebody to want you or love you, you don’t need them, you’re all you need.”

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The otherworldly Casper Sun is up next, after making his recent descent to earth he gifts us ‘Wavy Luv’, his newest offering. Professing to transcend the confines of planetary restrictions and genres for that matter, this tune stays true to his ethics. A glorious mix of creative elements, ‘Wavy Luv’ is an ode to introspection. Fresh and exciting this track blends indie instrumentation with hip-hop and R&B culminating in the best of a multitude of worlds.

“I know how it feels to get something you’ve wanted for so long, and realize in the end that it’s not what you need. I wrote a story about Casper coming to terms that what he needs is different than what he wants, and the rest of the album explores what those needs are, and how they battle with his passion and desires.”

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Vibrant, colourful yet dreamlike producer and multi-instrumentalist NASAYA has teamed up with Portuguese multi-hyphenate MARO to bring ‘TEMPO’ to life. Trance like, eclectic and undeniable cool, ‘TEMPO’ is a genre bending, refreshing new addition from the talented pair. Inspired by his eclectic upbringing in Reunion Island, NASAYA draws influence from the ethnically diverse culture of his homeland. Extended as an extra special invitation, listeners are invited deep in to his own unique world of exquisite sounds and flavours.

“I’ve wanted to write a song that feels like TEMPO for a long time. Writing this was such a fun process as it’s a bit of a collage from parts of other songs we wrote and it came together super quickly.” – NASAYA

“TEMPO is a good first glimpse to the world NASAYA and I are starting to create. It regards time and its spiral sensation, which we then print by doing a play with words on a repetitive, nostalgic beat.” – MARO

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