Conal Kelly sets the bar high with indie-pop tune ‘Really Don’t Like You’

When it comes to songs about personal relationships, most of them will centre around positive interactions like love or friendships, or the exception to that would be about heartbreak, but Conal Kelly is subverting that trend by writing and recording an entire three minutes and thirty seconds song about simply not being a fan of another person.

‘Really Don’t Like You’ is a completely unashamed indie-pop bop about finding someone annoying and wanting to let that person know, it’s actually super relatable, because if we all liked everyone we met, the world would be kinda boring. The track opens with light-hearted indie guitars and the unforgettable line, “I look around for some mystery, every single word that you say, it’s boring the hell out of me,” before slinking on into the funky bass groove and catchy chorus.

So the next time that certain someone in the office or outer friendship circle is grating your nerves, pop your headphones in and let that frustration go with Conal Kelly’s ‘Really Don’t Like You’.

“To put it simply, this is a song about disliking someone for no apparent reason. I feel it’s quite a relatable subject, where something about a person’s behaviour just grates on you… in my case, clearly, enough to write a three-and-a-half-minute pop song about it. I managed to write and record the whole thing from start to finish on my own in 48 hours, and it really opened the floodgates for a bunch of other music that followed. So in that sense, I owe this song (and the annoying people it’s written about) a thank you… but I somehow doubt I’ll be reaching out to let them know.”

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