CHATTERBOX: Mitch$$$ from seeyousoon drops a new single, ‘Sixth Phase’ & talks future plans & inspirations

Mitch$$$ is an American hip-hop artist born and raised in Orlando, Florida who cites his greatest musical inspirations as two of hip-hop’s most pivotal works: Nas’s ‘Stillmatic‘ and Kanye West’s ‘808’s and Heartbreaks’. Over time, these emblematic pieces of music have incited themes of morality, pathos, adversity and resilience within Mitch’s writing who is also a member of the buzzing 9-piece collective, seeyousoon. Today Purple Melon sits down with Mitch$$$ to discuss his new singles, ‘Sixth Phase’, featuring fellow seeyousoon member Joshua and produced by Bad One.

– You’ve just released your brand new single ‘Sixth Phase’ featuring fellow bandmate Joshua… how are you feeling?

Answer: It feels really good, we been sitting on tht one for a lil bit waiting til it felt right to drop, glad ppl are feeling it…

– Could you tell us something fun or interesting about yourself that we can’t find from a Google search/ social media stalk?

Answer: I’m obsessed w Pokémon…

– We love to find out the origin story of band and artist names, what inspired ‘Mitch $$$’?

Answer: well my artist name was originally going to be “MitchRuleTheWorld” but I figured it was a lil wordy lol , ppl always say money rules the world so I just replaced the “rule the world” with “$$$”…

– For our readers who may not know, could you’d describe your individual sound outside of seeyousoon?

Answer: well if I had to point on a map I’d maybe say I try to keep it murky but a lil vibey as well, but honestly I feel like I’m still finding my sound w every song I make it’s pretty dope…

– Could you tell s a bit about your inspiration behind the concept of ‘sixth phase’?

Answer: I’m really drawn to the moon and it’s phases and effect it has on us frm a million miles away, so I kinda jst related the phases and push and pull effect the moon has on the tides to the different phases and emotion in the relationships we have in life…

– What’s been a highlight of creating this record for you?

Answer: just knowing it’s out there w the ppl and maybe jst maybe it’ll touch someone…

– Is it sometimes difficult to work alongside fellow bandmates for your solo projects?

Answer: Not at all, the sys force is strong, the relationships translate super well on outside music, it’s all in the sys universe of u ask me…

– What’s next on the horizon for Mitch$$$?

Answer: Putting gas in the spaceship 👀

Listen to Mitch$$$ – ‘Sixth Phase’


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