PREMIERE: New kid on the block Richie Gathu drops sizzling summer banger, ‘Cosa Nostra’

Originally from Kenya and now based in Bristol, UK rap newcomer Richie Gathu returns to unveil his latest summer banger, ‘Cosa Nostra’.

Entirely self-written and produced, ‘Cosa Nostra’ is the third in a string of self-produced tracks by Richie, following on from  ‘Championships’ and ‘Euphoria,’ released earlier this year. However, ‘Cosa Nostra’ is the main event and stands as the pièce de résistance in Richie Gathu’s steadily-growing discography of original, must-hear music.

“As soon as I press play on Cosa Nostra, I’m teleported to Havana, Cuba or to the Amalfi Coast. In my mind, I see a beautiful sunset on the horizon, my body fuelled by 15 (or more) tequila shots as I hit the salsa across a pebbled street toward my lover who is in the exact same vibe as I am. The inspiration for the song stems from lockdown, the endless months of being separated from a lover and planning to “pull up” as soon as I could. I even had to sprinkle some Swahili in there to add extra flavour to the tune!”

Picture this; the flight to your dream paradise holiday has just touched down. As you step out to paradise you are greeted with a cocktail of your choice and suddenly you hear a sweet guitar melody that makes you want to hit the salsa all the way to the hotel, you just can’t help but dance and sing along as soon as you hear it. The song is ‘Cosa Nostra’ and its distinctive, guitar-led melody and up-tempo beat will leave no foot un-tapped!

Filled with braggadocious bars, dynamic flows, heavy beats and an unmissable Spanish guitar melody, ‘Cosa Nostra’ has a little something for everybody. Check out Richie Gathu’s epic new tune below & get ready to shake a leg in the sunshine…

Richie Gathu – Cosa Nostra


“I don’t think there’s anyone I’ve played the song to that hasn’t sung the chorus by the end of the second verse. That’s what makes this song very special to me, It’s like a damn drug, and has a lotta quotables! When I first created the song, I didn’t realise just how magnetic it would be. I still can’t stay still any time I listen to it.”

Richie Gathu

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