Andrei Lucas celebrates diversity in new dance-pop single ‘London Baby’

From Romania to Canada to the UK, Andrei Lucas has had quite the journey to get to where he is today and his experience being a foreigner and non-English speaker in his early teens has definitely influenced the way he sees creativity and culture. This is where his new single ‘London Baby’ steps in. It’s a celebration for being in communities and cities (like London) that are built on diversity and continue to flourish thanks to the rich tapestry of people.

The track itself is an upbeat pieces of ’80s influenced pop. It’s all about the disco grooves mixed in with synth-forward dance, creating the perfect backdrop for Lucas’ imagery, “I’m in SoHo, on the dance floor”. That’s where we wish we were too!

Not only has this young artist delivered the goods with ‘London Baby’, but we also have a whole EP to listen to. His Paradise Passé EP documents Andrei Lucas’ life so far: emigrating from a post-communist country to a western world, going through chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer, the subsequent mental health struggles and finding light at the end of the tunnel and learning to enjoy the simple things in life. When you’re done dancing along to the video below, be sure to check out the EP in full here.

“London baby stands for inclusivity in a city that is built on diversity and dreams that find a way towards reality. The song was recorded during the first quarantine throughout the pandemic. I wrote the song melody and lyrics before the pandemic happened. I felt that this can be a London anthem for young people striving for success. The track was initially in a demo stage in 2019, but after putting together several ideas with London producer Andrei Sora, we eventually nailed the version of the track that we desired.”

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