Good pop songwriting & a bittersweet farewell in Fabri’s ‘Here Tonight’

This song is for all of those students who have just finished university or for those kids quickly approaching the start of their long summer holidays, because ‘Here Tonight’ is all about Fabri’s last year of high school. As you’ll hear in this sweet pop song, the songwriter wrestles with that bittersweet emotion of letting go of his childhood and embarking on the next chapter of his life. He begs with time itself to slow down, just to make the year last a little longer.

Drawing influence from the likes of Angus & Julia Stone, Passenger and Milky Chance, this emotional pop song is familiar is the best kind of way and the chorus hook is undeniably catchy.

‘Here Tonight’ describes the feeling of a moment that is slipping away. The song is set in a summer night during my last year of high school, a period in which I was conscious of the fact that life would soon drift me apart from many of my friends as we would set out for different paths in different cities.

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