Watch IOTA PHI’s avant-garde pop ‘DAYDREAM’ video

IOTA PHI (aka Ilia Darlin) is a Greek singer, songwriter, director and record producer who has been dubbed the “queen of avant-garde pop” by Esquire and when you listen to her newest single ‘DAYDREAM’, you’ll understand why. Inspired by ideas of identity, post humanism and greek mythology, her sound effortlessly brings together alt-electronica, art-pop and reimagined R&B in a truly elegant package.

This description also extends to her visuals, as you’ll see in the ‘DAYDREAM’ video, which is an artful portrayal of Darlin’s quarantine experience. Rather than using footage from her actual time in quarantine, as we have seen from many artist throughout 2020 and 2021, IOTA PHI has created a conceptual vision in which time and space is distorted to become one’s entire world. It’s a mesmerizing watch that pairs perfectly with the stunning song.

“A conversation with an older self, a cruel self, a self that is part of me and someone that I will always have to keep in check.”

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