‘Fell For You’ is the new slice of electro pop Alex Martura Ft. Laura Kensy

German producer Alex Martura has been making music in one way or another since the tender age of three, where he began learning the piano with a neighbour. Cultivating and carefully honing his craft ever since, he has gone on to create some serious hits, with his previous single receiving over three million streams thus far.

Now with the release of new track ‘Fell For You’ he has enlisted the help of the highly talented singer and songwriter Laura Kensy. ‘Fell For You’ gives off a classic Alex Martura vibe, as he utilises his winning musical recipe yet again. Featuring glossy production with an effortless guitar backed chorus and an uptempo yet elegant presentation, ‘Fell For You’ is simply made to be another sure fire hit.

Laura’s vocals fit beautifully on this latest offering, despite only being young she sits right at home amongst Alex’s expertly placed production. The lyrical content utters a subtle sadness but makes for complete relatability, showing that even the best of us fall for someone we shouldn’t.

Listen to ‘Fell For You’ below:

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