Cody Feechan shines on her latest anthemic pop single, ‘Breathe’

Fife-based musician Cody Feechan has unveiled her latest, anthemic pop single, lending a much-needed word of encouragement in these trying times.

‘Breathe’ is the newest addition to the Scottish singer-songwriter’s discography of alt-rock/pop bangers that have earned Feechan a steadily-growing fanbase and the Kingdom FM ‘Home Grown Talent’ award.

Boasting a thrilling, big-band feel and impactful, belting chorus, ‘Breathe’ is all about defeating your demons and triumphing over adversity, despite the odds being stacked against you. Introduced by an electric bass guitar, ‘Breathe’ begins with a dense atmosphere, building gradually before being joined by suspenseful drums and an assortment of strings, Feechan’s gentle vocals leading the way into a belting chorus.

Discussing the formation of the song, Cody Feechan explains:

I wrote ‘Breathe’ last year, essentially narrating a period that was a difficult time for me: being under a lot of pressure and nearing breaking point”.

Written in a first-person, narrative style, ‘Breathe’ is a deeply personal single that still manages to be widely relatable and uplifting to its listeners. “I overcame the things I couldn’t outrun,” Cody sings, encouraging us to face our fears instead of avoiding them, in order to finally find peace and ‘Breathe’ again.

Listen to Cody Feechan – Breathe


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