Ava Zarate presents the soul-drenched ‘Tainted Eyes’

19-year-old, West London artist & producer Ava Zarate has released her latest, dreamy, soul solidifying single ‘Tainted Eyes’ via independent record label DOLO. For this newest offering Ava invites fellow London vocalist Violet Jones to feature on the tune, combining their artistry, together they’ve created a track that is oozing with a special mix of soul, Jazz and some tasty R&B.

Playful, harp like synths and a groove laden beat immediate infiltrate your eardrums as Ava’s vocals smoothly swing low, intimately and whispered. Sultry, soft and sexy, Violet’s deep husky voicings then enter the room adding the perfect level of dynamism all whilst the sonic soundscape continues to build, layer upon detailed layer. An absolute treat for the senses, the subtle panning from ear to ear draws you ever deeper into the world they’ve so carefully crafted.

Check out the delectable ‘Tainted Eyes’ here:

“Tainted Eyes is a song about someone unattainable,” explains Ava. “It’s a song about desire. A person who knows they are desired and loves to be desired. A person so beautiful, your eyes are tainted – both positively and negatively.”Ava Zarate

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