Get lost in Sophie Hutchings newest, mellow piano ballad, ‘Love & Keep’

Australian composer & classically trained pianist Sophie Hutchings unveils her newest, mellow piano ballad, ‘Love & Keep’ in honour of international sleep day. Eponymously named after her forthcoming EP, ‘Love & Keep’ is the third single to be released from the upcoming project which aims to bring tranquillity into uncertain spaces by appreciating the value life and friendships can bring no matter what you may be going through. Preceded by ‘Elysian Days’ and ‘Not Alone’, ‘Love & Keep’ stands as the lead single and the magnum opus of of Hutchings’ upcoming, ‘sleepy’ project.

As an insomniac, Sophie wholeheartedly embraces the calm that her music expresses and invites others to do the same. As she’s learnt more and more about her insomnia, Sophie utilises this knowledge, creating a routine to aid her nighttime rituals. Largely influenced by her outdoorsy upbringing, Sophie Hutchings often infuses the sounds of the wind or ocean into her music, capturing their calming qualities and weaving elements of their medicinal effects into her work. Somewhat of an introvert Sophie prefers to work internally, immersing herself in sound, rather than launching herself into the world of the stage and ‘Love & Keep’ reflects this beautifully, possessing an intimate quality that leaves one feeling introspective, nostalgic and ultimately, at peace.

Speaking on her latest release, Sophie Hutchings says:

“I guess it’s just allowing time to contemplate, reflect and breathe, to free us of extra anxiety to what has already been brought upon us and to not feel alone in that”

Sophie Hutchings

Gentle, emotional and calming to the mind and spirit, ‘Love & Keep’ is an undeniably blissful offering from the young Australian composer and a welcomed addition to her extensive discography of beautifully composed piano ballads and modern-classical records. Offering a unique point of view and sonic ambience, ‘Love & Keep’ explores the expanse of sleep and the quiet, reflective beauty it boasts, through the unique lens of the insomniac, Sophie Hutchings.

Listen to Sophie Hutchings – Love & Keep


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