UNDREAM unveils intoxicating new single Chemical X (ft.Timms)

Swedish producer UNDREAM reveals his newest single, the dark pop infused ‘Chemical X (ft. Timms)’. His second offering of the year, following on from the recently released ‘Nightmare’ with Neoni, it seems as if UNDREAM has concocted the perfect recipe for writing killer alt-pop tunes.

Deliriously dark and deliciously moreish each track seems as if it were simply made for Sync, with vivid images of this tune playing out alongside a badass superhero… or perhaps super-villain film pan out as clear as day. Delicately studded with soft lullaby-like synths and layered with mechanical, industrial style sounds, ‘Chemical X’ is the perfect balance between darkness and light, sickly sweet yet intoxicatingly naughty. The angelic vocals of Timms combined with the tantalising and playful lyricism are a match made in musical heaven. The only potion you don’t require an antidote for, let ‘Chemical X (ft.Timms)’ inebriate your ear drums.

“Chemical X is about convincing someone to step out of their comfort zone to experience something out of the norm with you. I grew up watching and loving the Powerpuff Girls, so using Chemical X seemed like a good way to explain that your whole world is gonna change on a molecular level if you spend some time with me” – UNDREAM

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