Darla Jade’s ‘Slow Motion’ is an electro-pop plea to enjoy the present

Right now we’re being treated to a wave of great music penned during lockdown and one of those is Darla Jade’s ‘Slow Motion’ which came into being in September 2020, written alongside Rhys and Michael Fletcher.

This pumping electro-pop single is the impassioned plea of someone who’s either running from the past or racing towards the future, and so Darla Jade sings “Someone teach me to live in the present”. This aching search is a poignant message within that cracking chorus, which itself is proceeded by the image “where waves crash down on us”, suggesting that these pressure to keep moving aren’t simply from within but also from external forces. Interestingly, the Stoke-on-Trent artist has taken this tidal imagery a step further by setting her music video for ‘Slow Motion’ among sand dunes, wind-brushed hills and an isolated beach, which looks to be somewhere in North Wales. Epic in every sense of the word, we can totally see and hear why Darla Jade is causing such a buzz in her hometown music scene.

‘Slow Motion’ is the first of a six-track EP due to be released this Summer.

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