‘Cold’ is TREZR’s unseasonable-yet-welcome pop song

TREZR’s thermo-themed pop song ‘Cold’ is bursting with a yearning for brighter, warmer days ahead as a wider metaphor for stepping out of the frozen tundra of a break-up into a time of healing.

It has such chart and radio appeal, so it really comes as a surprise to us that the trio of Collin (guitar), Trey (lead vocalist) and Will (bass guitar) haven’t publicly released any music before, although we understand that each member has been part of previous collectives before now.

The song’s upbeat instrumentation combines lyrical and emotional sincerity, meaning that ‘Cold’ has arrived as the complete package. Looking to 2021 with a much-needed positive outlook, TREZR have hit the ground running.

“Cold is a story of love fading with time and the struggle of letting go of something that is no longer there. This song synthesizes elements of winter with emotions of heartbreak to convey the elongation of a broken relationship.”

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