Listen to Anna-Mae Kelly’s emotional new heartbreak ballad, ‘White Lies’

Kettering-based pop artist Anna-Mae Kelly returns with her latest emotional, heartbreak ballad, ‘White Lies’. A talented songwriter and self-taught pianist, Anna-Mae Kelly is known for her impassioned vocals and soul-stirring lyricism, inspired by great British acts like Adele and Florence Welch, Anna-Mae Kelly’s brand of sad-pop tug on the heartstrings with intimate narratives and catchy hooks.

For her latest offering, ‘White Lies’, Anna-Mae Kelly bravely chose to gaze inwards for her inspiration, basing the track on a her personal experiences of being in a toxic and unhealthy relationship. Despite her young age and the difficult subject matter, Anna-Mae Kelly writes with a grace and maturity far beyond her years broaching the subject with the utmost dignity and care, offering a gentle and relatable voice for many.

Speaking on the message behind ‘White Lies’, Anna-Mae Kelly shares:

Domestic violence is something that is partially shied away from by the media, especially in young relationships which are viewed as not serious things or taken lightly….We may only have been here a short time but that doesn’t mean in this modern world we haven’t already experienced some of the downsides to love….I would like us to be heard.

Over piercing violins, deep rolling drums and gentle piano chords, Anna-Mae Kelly’s pained yet pleasant vocals retell the tale of the confusion, guilt and deep sadness that comes with loving someone that’s no good for you. Brimming with tear-jerking lyricism and littered with personal anecdotes, ‘White Lies’ builds into an epic, crescendo of a chorus, featuring a stirring vocal performance and dramatic, orchestral instrumentation.

Filling each release with rich storytelling and soulful vocals, Anna-Mae Kelly continues to refine her craft with every project, continuing to impress with each new release.

Listen to Anna-Mae Kelly – White Lies


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