Lucky Rose drop summery new single ‘I Don’t Think About You’

French- Canadian Dance pop duo Lucky Rose have dropped their submission for this years hottest new summer inducing single and it is a huge contender. ‘I Don’t Think About You’ marks the first release of the year and the beginning of a whole new musical era for the pair as they get ready to launch a whole wave of new singles in the coming months.

Oozing with energy, popping with vibrancy and overflowing with a whole heap of enthusiasm, ‘I Don’t Think About You’ is the sassy and lively little pop tune that seriously brings the heat. An addictive new offering from Lucky Rose the building beats, dreamy vocals and synths make this a must have soundtrack for your Summer nights & days ahead.

“The song started with an old guitar loop I worked on in another session a while ago.  I knew this idea had something special and was saving it for the right time. And that time came about six months later. I was renting this Airbnb apartment in Montreal for the summer and the place had a really nice artist-bohemian vibe to it, really inspiring!” recalls Vincent. “Kayleigh came in to do a session, after we catched up about our lives, we asked her if she was down to write something for Lucky Rose. We pulled up this guitar loop, she instantly started writing to it, she started to sing the first line «I don’t wanna break your heart…» and we were like WTF!! So we kept going with that idea and we wrote the whole song on the first day and we recorded it on the next day. I think it’s our best song to date, it has an emotion that you just can’t deny.” – Lucky Rose

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